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28 april 2010

On The Rock

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I am sitting by myself on the rock, 
my mind is like smoldering memories
from the past..

hour after hour, untill six o’clock,
give me confidence,
so I can come home at last!

I dangle with my feet in the fresh air,
listening to the birds singing
from the trees..

day after day, with all love I want to share,
longing after a gorgeous

I daydream about two wounderful eyes,
everytime I look into them
I feel free..

year after year, I will sweep away destroying lies,
so I can connect
with the spice of glee!


22 april 2010

Lär känna din visdom

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Välj dina ord utifrån vad du tror att medmänniskan behöver höra för att kunna växa,
inte vad som för stunden tillfredställer ditt egna begär.

19 april 2010

Walking Together In The Name Of Love

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you said to me, this is a freedom walk,
so delightful, lovely and bright..
please, come here, by my side, let us talk,
this is what we can call love at first sight!

on a path in a singing forest we walk,
side by side, hand in hand..

and I can promise you one thing,
that I will never stop..
loving you!

every single day from now on,
we will walk together..
and every storm we will weather!

in the name of love.

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12 april 2010

Prolong Your Love To Wisdom

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Open your eyes, and be awake,
wisdom is always a part of you.
Connect yourself with others,
help them to grow, seeking after new messages,
in the name of love.
To let the huge words of wisdom drop from your tongue,
you must first explain in front of yourself –
what it means to you.
Come on, give it a try.
Here and now.

05 april 2010

The Art Of Love

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curious like a child,
that want to explore the world,
I do my best to grow
in the name of your love..

do you know,
that my messages of love 
are both strong and deep..

or will you reject my soul,
throw it into the ditch..
beside a path full of leaves,
that I want to sweep!

26 mars 2010

I glömskans kvarter

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Jag vandrar på en trottoar, 
med händerna i byxfickorna
blicken är tom..

är det här verkligen allt?
kan inte en snygging värma mig,
nu när det är kallt?

…jag tittar upp
mot en en samling gråa, trista moln..
nya ackord till en elegi?
usch och tvi!

när jag ensam strosar fram
i glömskans kvarter
och mitt enda sällskap
är stora tussar av damm!

23 mars 2010

Lost Without You

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walking across a street
empty and with no name
I ask for your mercy
but it’s a shame

when I am lost without you

wearing a collection of memories
filled by ashes from the past
I take a step away from myself again
so quickly, so fast

when I am lost without you

20 mars 2010

Because Of You

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Because Of You,
I am walking in the landscape of love..
believing the only true things
that make us people rich

and I have noticed your gift,
you can understand the art of love..
creating a new picture in my mind
that I, once upon a time,
known as a blackberry full of lemons..

but now, and that’s beacuse of you,
I know that the art of love,
is the only thing I have to understand

Because Of You,
I’ll sweep away old leaves,
all the way to the ditch beside my path,
where I walk in the name of love

and I have been thinking,
that nothing can hide my love from you
if I want to live deep and honest
with you by my side wherever I take my footsteps..

and because of you,
I know that walking in the name of love
is the only thing I have to live for.

16 mars 2010

Mystery Of Life

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Wearing a lot of words that you want me to say,
I need a reason why I should choose to live,
tempt yourself to be a part of me..

I am searching for the truth every single day,
beyond the horizon will I find all I have to give,
if I want to be human in this world..

A lot of mysteries is my conception of life,
they are everywhere, I wonder why,
lost in a melody?, that’s what I become to be!

I try to understand, but my mind is very rife,
like a hangover, with an reflecting eye,
and for that, I give you my word!

13 mars 2010

In The Landscape Of Love

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Walking along a path full of leaves,
listening to whistles from the nightingale,
I am thinking of you..

My footsteps are in the name of love,
I write on a new page in my own fairytale,
hope you feel the way I do..

Reflecting over the words I write down,
I feel that I am free, now I can fly,
all the way to your open heart!

I am flying, I know it’s a long way,
in front of me I have your wonderful eye,
and our love, will never fall apart!

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